Southwestern Artists Association Featured Artist Show at Studio 23, Spanish Village Art Center.

Virginia Klute has always been interested in art, beginning as a child with crayons, and graduating to water color. She has always painted natural subjects, from ferns and flowers to mushrooms and birds. This has been a life-long interest, starting with childhood walks in the woods with her Father. There was an elementary school bus trip

to the New York Botanical Garden, which she never forgot::

Tall tropical trees, huge ferns, in a 2 story glass conservatory. Unforgettable! And a path to the future.

While contemplating retirement from her profession as a Periodontist, she enrolled in the NY Botanical Garden program: Botanical Art and Illustration. The many hours of classwork included Drawing, Pen/ink, Plant Anatomy, specialized Electives, such as Orchids and Ferns, as well as multiple classes in your choice of color media. Her choice of water color, with a special interest in Wild Flowers, resulted in the certification project: Wild Flowers in Water Color. She received her certificate in 2010.


Her goal is to paint natural subjects, from life, and show them as real: the feathers should look as if they are floating, soft objects. Many layers are painted, in order to add depth, movement and dimension, which cannot  be shown in photographs.  This is why I paint from life. I want the viewer to wonder if it is real or if it is a painting.


Her wish is to observe and show living subjects, and to inspire others to admire the natural beauty of our world.

Virginia Klute is a member of the American Society of Botanical Artists, the Southwestern Association of Artists.and the San Diego Water Color Society. She was juried into the Spanish Village Art Association in Water Color, and also in Pen/ Ink with Water Color. She shows in galleries 23 and 37.

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